MCR Focus Ltd

Terms and Conditions

Last amendment 2 July 2017 to remove some sections.
By placing an order the customer agrees to the following terms and conditions with MCR Focus Ltd.

1. Prices and Payment
1.1 The price of any product offered for sale by MCR Focus Ltd may change from time to time. The customer must confirm the price as advertised on the day the order is placed.

1.4 The price for an international order is as calculated at the current exchange rate at the time of placing an order.

1.5 MCR Focus Ltd remains the owner of any of its products until the point at which the product is dispatched for delivery.

1.6 From time to time MCR Focus Ltd may offer products for sale with discounts for promotional purposes or products that have minor defects (eg worn book covers). MCR Focus Ltd reserves the right to withdraw such offers at any time without explanation.

1.7 If the customer orders a number of products where a discount is offered on one or more of the products and one or more of these products ordered is unavailable then MCR Focus Ltd reserves the right to charge the customer for the advertised discount for the number of products actually available.

1.8 By placing an order, the customer warrants that the customer is legally capable of entering into an agreement and has attained the appropriate age for doing so.

2. Delivery
2.4 MCR Focus Ltd reserves the right to refuse to supply any of its products to any individual, group of people, academic faculty, institution or business company of any origin in any country, where regretfully it should feel necessary to do so due to a potential variety of factors, such as unavailability of a product, for which MCR Focus Ltd need not give any explanation.

3. Force Majeure
3.1 MCR Focus Ltd will not be liable or responsible for failure to perform its obligations of orders or obligations within the specified period of time due to unforeseen events beyond reasonable control that might affect the production or delivery of any of its products. These include, but not necessarily limited to: heavy snow, icy conditions, heavy rain, flood, high winds, storm, tidal wave, volcanic action, lightning, earthquake or other seismic action, subsidence, epidemic, fire, explosion, chemical release, micro-biological release, war, threat of war or other attack, preparation for war, guerrilla action, terrorist attack, insurrection, civil war, criminal activity, civil commotion, riot, invasion, embargo, industrial action or other labour dispute such as strike or lock-out, social intimidation preventing normal work to proceed, government legislation regulation or other restriction, closure of the Internet or other disruption to electronic communication/information that might impede the normal flow of business, disruption to any necessary transport such as railway, shipping, aircraft, road transport, canal, gross collapse in the UK economy or another relevant national economy or in a number of international economies.

3.3 The customer acknowledges the right of MCR Focus Ltd to suspend or decline orders in the event of a sudden detrimental collapse in a currency exchange rate for overseas orders. MCR Focus Ltd will endeavour to re-establish normal receipt of orders and deliveries as soon as practical after exchange rates have stabilised.

4. Publications
4.1 All books published by MCR Focus Ltd are written in UK English unless otherwise explicitly stated. Units used in metrology or currency are generally in SI and/or UK units unless otherwise explicitly stated.

4.2 MCR Focus Ltd reserves the right to deliver an ordered book to a later edition than any edition advertised or with small differences from sample pages advertised on the website etc.

4.3 Any sample pages of any book shown on the MCR Focus Ltd website are subject to the copyright laws which are retained by MCR Focus Ltd and/or its authors and give an indication of the contents and style of the book. Customers are expected to have viewed these sample pages before committing themselves to placing orders.

4.4 Every effort is made by MCR Focus Ltd to encourage its authors to strive for accuracy and improvements upon earlier editions with the exception of special first editions. However, the texts are not offered for use as numerical tools or manuals for professional purposes or for any particular curriculum or preferred method of demonstration but for technical and educational understanding only.

5. Intellectual property
5.1 The internationally agreed copyright laws are in effect in all books, artwork, designs and company logo of the publisher MCR Focus Ltd. MCR Focus Ltd retains all rights, title and interest in any intellectual property rights in its products and likewise may act on behalf of its authors. Intellectual property rights include copyright of texts, designs and artwork, computer programs and other software and any registered patents that may arise by or on behalf of MCR Focus Ltd or any of its authors, staff or associates.

5.2 Quotations from passages in any books or other literature published by MCR Focus Ltd may be requested by written application for which written acceptance must be obtained from authors or MCR Focus Ltd via the publisher MCR Focus Ltd.

5.3 The customer agrees not to purchase any of the products of MCR Focus Ltd with the intent to resell for profit.

5.4 The customer agrees not to make single or multiple copies in any form of any products of MCR Focus Ltd, nor to use or reuse any material that is in breach of copyright, confidence or privacy.

5.5 The customer accepts that any product returned to MCR Focus Ltd such as a book that subsequently gains in monetary or other value to become a collector's item becomes and remains the property of MCR Focus Ltd such that the previous owner loses any rights of ownership, recompense, reward or profit due to the increased value of the product. The customer acknowledges that MCR Focus Ltd may resell such valuable products to whomsoever MCR Focus Ltd decides together with a history of previous owners of the product with any reasonable accompanying correspondence for the purpose of enhancing the value of the product being resold.

6. Obligations
6.1 By placing an order, the contract is personal to the customer and may not be transferred by the customer to a third party in any way such that a third party has no rights to the terms and conditions of MCR Focus Ltd nor any other rights with respect to the product purchased from MCR Focus Ltd.

6.4 The customer agrees not to use any products of MCR Focus Ltd or its website or make use of any information contained therein in order to commit illegal or harmful purpose of any kind, such as fraud, or sending, using, reusing any material/correspondence that is offensive, abusive, indecent, malicious or contains computer software viruses.

7. Indemnity
7.1 The customer shall indemnify and keep indemnified MCR Focus Ltd and its authors and its suppliers against all liability in contract or tort for claims, costs, losses, loss of profits, expenses, business interruption, business contracts, loss of savings, technical failures in engineering design, manufacture, build/assembly or use, scientific experiments, scientific papers, dissertations, theses, intellectual property disputes, mental distress, physical injury and other pecuniary or physical hazards or other losses or anticipated losses as a result of information and data contained in the products of MCR Focus Ltd which are provided for general understanding only and not for professional use or guidance or reference or replacement of extant teaching methods that might differ or follow a different course in a particular curriculum.

7.2 The customer acknowledges that the content in the products of MCR Focus Ltd may differ in development style and technical demonstrations from the existing or current syllabuses or curricula of schools colleges, academies, universities and other places of learning and professional bodies and that the teaching methods of teaching staff and presentation of work expected by examiners and other regulatory authorities shall be the preferred choice to be followed at all times.

7.3 MCR Focus Ltd does not offer open invitations for potential authors/translators. MCR Focus Ltd does not claim ownership of any unsolicited emails, other correspondence or other materials of a substantial nature, such as manuscripts to MCR Focus Ltd by its customers, potential authors or other sources. The customer acknowledges that non-requested receipts of such items may be returned or kept by MCR Focus Ltd unless the sender requests its return and sends means of doing so, eg stamped/addressed envelopes/packaging. MCR Focus Ltd may choose to invite certain specialist authors/translators to sell on its website from time to time but reserves the right to select authors/translators from this or any other source of its choosing without giving any explanation.

7.4 MCR Focus Ltd makes all reasonable checks to avoid errors occurring on its website or other marketing promotion/advertising, but reserves the right to cancel or refuse orders for products shown on its website or other display with an incorrect price or other incorrect information. No contract is in force until the order is dispatched.

8. General
8.1 Orders and purchases of MCR Focus Ltd products and other agreements/contracts with MCR Focus Ltd are governed by the laws of England and Wales. Any legal disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of English courts for all matters.

8.2 The customer acknowledges that contracts and agreements are conditional on MCR Focus Ltd receiving payments in full and in the event of non payment or suspected fraudulent activity with regard to payment by a customer, MCR Focus Ltd reserves the right to withhold suspend or cancel dealings with the customer.

8.4 MCR Focus Ltd may monitor/record telephone calls, emails and other communications for training and administration purposes.

8.5 The policy of MCR Focus Ltd in selling its products is that the terms and conditions of MCR Focus Ltd supersede any terms and conditions that might be stipulated by any of its customers.

8.6 MCR Focus Ltd reserves the right to add to, amend or delete from its terms and conditions as it may feel necessary from time to time. Every time a customer places an order the customer is deemed to have agreed to the latest version of terms and conditions with the exception of any obvious typographic errors that might have been inserted in the terms and conditions such that they are clearly not within any commonly accepted spirit of intent.