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MCR Focus Limited

Science &Technology Publishers established 2010

Presenting a series of groundbreaking books in mathematics,
giving new methods to solve wide ranging equations.

The book "Foundation of Mathematics" builds the whole foundation of mathematics from scratch. Subsequent books introduce new methods to enable you to generally solve algebraic equations, generally solve linear and non-linear simultaneous equations in algebra and trigonometry, and generally solve Integrals and Differential Equations across a wide range.


The Foundation of MATHEMATICS

The elements of arithmetic and geometry constructed from just three axioms and one postulate,

plus biographical sketches, construction of algebra, extraction of roots, coordinate geometry, logarithms, number theory and probability theory. Introduction to determinants, matrices, sequences and series. Units & conversion factors. Many worked examples.


Development of the new method to generally solve Algebraic Equations of any practical degree in real coefficients,

plus the process of iteration, exact solutions to quadratic, cubic and quartic equations, introduction to complex arithmetic and theorems of algebraic equations. Instructions for compiling associated programs/spreadsheets. Glossary of terms. Many worked examples.


Development of the new method to generally solve Simultaneous Equations, whether linear or non-linear, algebraic or trigonometric,

plus development of 3D trigonometry, determinants, matrices and vectors. Instructions for compiling associated computer programs/spreadsheets. Many worked examples.

Synopsis of the CALCULUS

Concise but comprehensive development of the field of differential and integral calculus,

plus introduction to mathematical analysis, applications to mensuration, and mechanics. Partial differentiation, vector calculus, differential equations. A register of standard relations. Many worked examples.


New development of the Algebraic Relation for generally solving integrals and differential equations,

plus development of sequences and series in mathematical analysis. Instructions for compiling associated spreadsheets. Many worked examples.

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