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Michael Colin Roberts

Mike Roberts was born in Birmingham, England in 1947, the third of three brothers and raised in Bristol from the age of three. His primary education took place at Ashley Down School and secondary education at Lockleaze School (1959-1966) where he played the violin badly without apparent effort and occasionally represented his school at chess and rugby. On leaving, he was awarded the annual cup for the most praiseworthy result in public examinations. He then studied mathematics and physics at the University of East Anglia (Norwich), where he took up the sport of fencing and co-founded a Go society (a favoured game among some mathematicians). He was awarded an honours degree in mathematics in 1969, after which he enjoyed a successful 38 year career as a gas turbine Design Engineer, serving in various roles in both management and technical authority, with about a dozen patents to his name, becoming a member of the Institute of Engineering Designers. He concurrently spent decades of private research into the applications of mathematics, resulting in ground breaking books which culminated in generally solving integrals and differential equations. Outside of engineering and mathematics, his other interests have included history, classical music, theology, the game of Go, in which he attained the rank of first degree amateur master (sho dan) in 1972 and squash, which he played for over 30 years for exercise. He married Carolyn in 1978 and they have two children.

After Mike attended a lecture on partial differential equations in late 1968, which highlighted the limited knowledge in the subject, he felt from a philosophical viewpoint that man should not resign himself forever to produce an endless variety of ad hoc solutions to differential equations and integrals. He believed there must be some generic algorithm providing universal solutions. He identified the array for the algebraic relation in the 1970s as the general solution but after years of struggle failed to discover a process to find the coefficients, so he decided to tackle the simpler aspects of the problem first. In the early to mid 1980s he discovered the loder process for generally solving algebraic equations and then the sered process for generally solving non-linear simultaneous equations. He wrote a number of BASIC programs in the 1990s on these subjects but failed to publish his first book (later to become "21st Century Algebraic Equations") by one of the well-known publishers. He eventually founded the publishing company MCR Focus Limited in 2010 and published "The Foundation of Mathematics". In 2012, whilst relaxing on holiday in Dallas, Texas USA, he discovered the breakthrough he had been seeking in finding the coefficients of the algebraic relation. This led to authorship of the series of titles now available.